The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) offers the opportunity to apply for ISBN, ISSN and ISMN.

Registration / Use of Services

1. Registration to INS-POAS is required to use the ISBN, ISSN and ISMN services.  To register, the publisher must fill out the application available at the NLP website. Upon registration, the publisher agrees to these General Terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC). The publisher can view the relevant GTC online before registration and can store or print these at any time.

2. With his/her application, the publisher confirms that all his/her information or details are accurate, complete and truthful. The publisher undertakes to keep the information provided in his/her registration form up to date. If such information is found to be false, incorrect or out of date, NLP may block or discontinue the publisher’s access to NLP’s services.

3. Upon successful completion of the registration process,  an email will be provided by NLP. 

4. The publisher  is personally responsible for keeping his / her login data (login and password) private. Should an unauthorized third party gain knowledge of the publisher’s data, NLP must be notified in writing immediately.

5. The publisher shall not be entitled to demand any authorization to use NLP’ services. NLP reserves the right to refuse issuance of ISBN, ISSN and ISMN to those who have not provided the NLP of the requirements.

6. The publisher must be aware that ISBN, ISSN and ISMN is being assigned ahead of publication and won’t be fuormally registered to the International Center until a receipt of copy of the materials. 

Performance, Review and Acceptance of Services

1. NLP offer the publisher the issuance of ISBN, ISSN and ISMN. ISBN, ISSN and ISMN is not mandatory, and does not convey any form of legal or provide copyright protection on a work. It is essentially a product identifier used by publishers, booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes.

2. NLP shall review the submitted requirements by the publisher for consistency of information. 

3. The publisher is responsible for the quality of their publication produced.

4. NLP may make alterations, proofread or edit texts or files based on the submitted requirements. 

5. The time allowed for providing an ISBN, ISSN and ISMN will be two (2) working days. 

6. The publisher allows NLP to register the publishers information in the International Center.

Granting of Rights / Confidentiality

1. By submitting the application, the publisher grants NLP the rights to use the information details provided. 

Data Backup

1. NLP shall perform regular data backups for the data stored in the NLP’s account. In the event that data is lost, NLP shall strive to remedy the loss immediately. 

2. The publisher is personally responsible for ensuring data backup for his / her services and other files.

Final Provisions

1. Any transfer of rights and responsibilities from one of the publisher’s representative to the other shall not be effective without the written consent of NLP.