Title Author Publisher ISBN/ISSN/ISMN
Ang Mga Pahiyom ni Lolo Lomboy: A Story of the Ati Tribe in Naga of the Province of Cebu Cindy Velasquez Cindy A. Velasquez
  • 978-621-06-0271-5 (PDF downloadable)
Ang Mga Laylay ni Lola Karya: A Story of the Ati Tribe in Naga of the Province of Cebu Cindy A. Velasquez Cindy A. Velasquez
  • 978-621-06-0265-4 PDF (downloadable)
Anti-Workplace Harassment Policy for a Safe, Productive and Peaceful Community Lydia V. Araneta Dr. Lydia V. Araneta
  • 978-621-06-0555-6 (epub)
A Field Guide to Some Plants and Animals of the Forests over Limestone of Guiuan Marine Resource Protected Landscape and Seascape (GMRPLS), Samar Island, Philippines Marjorie D. delos Angeles, Danilo N. Tandang, Desamarie Antonette P. Fernandez, Ren Divien R. Obeña, Paul John S. Tolentino, Elaine Loreen C. Villanueva, Inocencio E. Buot, Jr. Philippine Society for the Study of Nature (Journal of Nature Studies)
  • 978-971-92747-4-2 (PDF downloadable)
A Legislator's Guide in Analyzing the National Budget Romulo Emmanuel M. Miral, Jr., PhD., Pamela Diaz-Manalo, Julius I. Dumangas (Contributors), Dina de Jesus-Pasagui (Contributor-3rd Ed), Anthony Arvin Salazar (Handbook Updating), Arlene Lopez-Tuazon (Stat Appendices), Alexis S. Taaca (Layout/Cover Design) Congressional Policy and Budget Research Department
  • 978-621-95527-2-1 (pbk)
Deck The Halls Volume 2 : a Christmas-themed crime fiction anthology Kadi Serafica, Felisa Ordep, Johanna L Lee, Ara Larosa, RJ T. Vargas, Alfredo Figueroa, Richmond Camero HS Grafik Print
  • 978-621-8232-84-6 (pbk)
Deck The Halls Volume 1 : a Christmas-themed crime fiction anthology Mark Manalang, Yeyet Soriano, John Lawrence Viloria Calano, Allene Allanigue, Tina Alfonso, Shayne A. Martinez, Dan C. De Guzman HS Grafik Print
  • 978-621-8232-81-5 (pbk)
Love in Style Volume 1 Allene Allanigue, Ara Larosa, Alfredo Figueroa, RJ T. Vargas, Vergie Manligas, Jem Mari Villagracia, Anna Lustre HS Grafik Print
  • 978-621-8232-87-7 (pbk)
Love in Style Volume 2 Kadi Serafica, R.J. Cheshire, Abigail Delfin Gaje, Erica S. Richards, Rory Aldueger, Tasia, Jonah Chipeco HS Grafik Print
  • 978-621-8232-90-7 (pbk)
Echo Kylie V. Milanes HS Grafik Print
  • 978-621-8232-78-5 (pbk)