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Title Author Publisher ISBN/ISSN/ISMN
Maraming halimbawa Anne Ro Cherry Roanne Jamorabon Gervacio
  • ISBN 978-621-06-0342-2 (paperback)
The Cheatsheet to beat your rivals in business & at work : actionable tips for street smart entrepreneurs & rising executives Rene T. Domingo Rene T. Domingo
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1356-8 (paperback)
Food developers’ guide om processing and marketing rice and rice-based products Riza G. Abilgos-Ramos, Rosaly V. Manaois, Kate Danielle P. Laureta Philippine Rice Research Institute
  • ISBN 978-621-485-008-2 (hardbound)
Owning her innocence Shein Althea Janice J. Silvidad
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1015-4 (paperback)
The Billionaire’s secret affair Shein Althea Janice J. Silvidad
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1014-7 (paperback)
His beautiful obsession Shein Althea Janice J. Silvidad
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1016-1 (paperback)
Tears of a wife Shein Althea Janice J. Silvidad
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1466-4 (paperback)
One wild night Tin Gonzales Kristine M. Gonzales
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1019-2 (paperback)
Man behind the wall Tin Gonzales Kristine M. Gonzales
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1018-5 (paperback)
Ang Ikatlong Misis Lagdameo Gael Aragon Breziel Recaro Masikap
  • ISBN 978-621-06-1089-5 (paperback)
The Impatient little star Gem Nolasco MRD Publishing
  • ISBN 978-621-8144-71-2 (paperback)
Stars above us Kevin Gomez Siervo (keevinity) Kevin G. Siervo
  • ISBN 978-621-0611-51-9 (paperback)
ALIAC Faculty Multidisciplinary Research Journal Vol.1, Iss.1 AIR LINK INTERNATIONAL AVIATION COLLEGE
  • ISSN 3028-1652 (print)
Scholarly Lens : a literary magazine for educators Vol.1, No.1 Dreamer Publishing Services
  • ISSN 3028-175X (print)
The Plethora Vol.1, No.1 College of Liberal Arts, Technological University of the Philippines
  • ISSN 3028-1555 (print)
KALAP Journal : City College of Calapan Research Journal Vol.1, No.1 City College of Calapan
  • ISSN 3028-0346 (print)